Home Living Tips For Homeowners In West Virginia

Each step you take away from the usual hustle and bustle of your daily routine takes you closer to a place of your dreams. Having your dream home in West Virginia brings you amidst the beautiful country roads and a step closer to the heaven. As a homeowner in West Virginia, you will come across an array of unique things that makes this place stand away from the rest.

If you find yourself singing the song “Country Roads Take Me Home” by John Denver, you surely belong to West Virginia. Now that you have bought a home in West Virginia, it is essential for you to understand the fact that taxes play a major role in any county and state’s well being. This is why you need to ascertain the facts and figures for property taxes as you plan to get your very own house in West Virginia.

Property Taxes-The Average Count

If you are a homeowner in West Virginia, you shall be liable to pay taxes according to your eligibility under three different sections.

  • Median Property Tax for each home you own in this state.
  • Percentage income that is represented by your property taxes.
  • Cumulative percentage of your property value as represented by state taxes.

The first, as well as the third metrics, mostly find application for any homeowner in West Virginia. However, the second isn’t available widely.

Market Value

The state generally assesses the property you own at 60 percent of the total market value as applicable for taxes.

Taxing Authorities

This is the mill rate which is then decided on an individual basis by the taxing authorities in the state.

Taxable Value

This means the mill rate for 300 equals to 300 cents for each $100 of the taxable value.

West Virginia follows an effective rate for tax based on the homes occupied by the taxpayer with the median value set at 0.58 per cent.

When you own a home in West Virginia, there are certain things you need to know to sustain a better lifestyle in the state.

Know Where To File A Complaint

If you ever find the federal law prohibiting you from owning a house in West Virginia about discrimination that is based on family status, sex, religion, colour, race, national origin, or even disability, you can file a complaint against the wrongdoer by contacting the government authorities. If you are in the process of purchasing a home in West Virginia but feel like your basic rights aren’t being provided to you, you can easily file a complaint against the person or authority responsible for this discrimination.

Put proper and robust locks on the doors with peepholes installed in all the doors so you can make sure you can see anyone visiting your home. Also, make sure you install a peephole in the lower part of the door. This will ensure that the short heighted people along with children can see better through the peephole without having to struggle. This could also be efficient for your family members who use a wheelchair.